I Am an Afterschool Special
Curtains Closed

I thought I would have more to say for my last post as the Audacious Amateur Blogger but I really don’t.

So I’m just gunna sign off like High School yearbook:

It’s been real, we has some good timzz


- jdawg

(yah that’s how it actually went down. Gimme…

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30 Days of Truth: In A Crisis There Is Only Love

Day 21: (scenario) Your best friend is in a car accident and you two got into a fight an hour before. What do you do?

This is the most ridiculous question of the entire “exercise”.

What else could the answer possibly be but that I would rush to her side.…

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30 Days of Truth: Everything In Moderation

Day 20: Your views on drugs and alcohol.

In the words of Cypress Hill, “Legalize It“.

Hey everything in moderation. Know yourself. Respect your body.

Do I think drugs should be legal? Yes, I do (gaaasssp). Not all drugs, but some, yes I believe should be…

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Being Sane Is So Over-Rated

The list continues!

Honestly, I am surprised humans made any progress at all without manic depressives (or did they? is manic depression actually an evolutionary advantage? as the list of “greats” grows I am leaning towards yes).

Here are some more of…

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What Can You Learn From A Rock?

…… To be still…..

In mind
In body
In heart
In soul

Gain wisdom, hope and strength in simply being still.

The toothless hobo on the corner asked if I had a cigarette, I did not. He the asked me, “What can you learn from a rock?

And you know what? I was…

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Now, For The Real Looney Tunes

Yesterday I wrote about person of notoriety that were diagnosed manic depressives (some diagnosed posthumously based on documented behavior patterns).

Many of those listed were of great shock to me. They spanned all spectrum of talent. From actors and…

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The Crazies Are Coming!

I have been “accused” of “suffering” from bipolar disorder or manic depression.

The accusers said because of this I would be subject to a life of desperation, isolation and never achieve anything. Not in my career, relationships or as a contributing…

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Reclaiming The Peace: One Symbol At A TimeI must have walked by this small Buddhist Temple, nestled on the our ridges of Koreatown, about 100…View Post

Reclaiming The Peace: One Symbol At A Time

I must have walked by this small Buddhist Temple, nestled on the our ridges of Koreatown, about 100…

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Lets’s Celebrate 1 Year With Some Cock!


Well wouldn’t you all like to know the gory details.

Tsk. Tsk.

A lady never kiss and tells.

I guess this blog; this year, has turned me into a lady (sort of).

A toast nonetheless.

Whether it be to a fine poultry dish or a massive throbbing cock pulsing…

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Why Is It So Hard To Find A Decent Fuck Buddy

People just want to feel wanted. They would prefer to actually be wanted but often the illusion will suffice.

I have reached the year mark (okay I am three days away) from when I started my blog following an epic tryst with Alex.

In the past year I have…

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